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Nation Love sparked a few years ago.

We were a group of friends fresh out of school and ready to see the world. Together we were a Dutchman, two Canadians, and an Austrian, like the start of a good joke, we packed our bags and set out on the greatest adventure of our lives. Starting off riding the trains in Europe and heading East, watching our favorite sports.  What we saw was eye-opening.

As we traveled, we constantly came across flags and emblems sewn onto backpacks, patched onto clothing or worn as bandanas. Our fellow globetrotters would use their home country’s flag to show where they were from, how far they’ve traveled and what teams they were cheering for. People we were meeting everywhere were demonstrating what we began to call, Nation Love. These simple symbols represented their cultural identity, their values, and their origins. It was amazing to see how far people had traveled. Meeting Argentinians in Prague and Aussies in London!

Soon enough, we got our own little flags, proudly stitched on our bags.

During these months traveling, we saw people from all cultural backgrounds coming together to see the wonders of the world. Everything from the leaning tower of Piza to the enchanting castles of Budapest.

Most of all we met amazing people, learned about other cultures and were able to share what we love most about our own. Our travels made us come to see that every single nation is home to incredible people, cultures, and traditions. We believe this diversity must be celebrated!

All these collective experiences, abroad and at home, is what gave birth to Nation-Love.

Our mission is simple: providing you with high-quality apparel and accessories that allow you to show off your country of origin with pride.

We work with amazing designers to create fun and original graphics celebrating each country. Our unique designs feature flags, emblems and bold collages of all the things that make each country great, from historical landmarks to local celebrities and culinary specialties.

Whether you are an expat or a digital nomad, traveling the world or staying at home, we’ve got you covered from head to toe, literally. We want to give you the opportunity to wear your heart on your sleeve and show the world the love you have for your Nation.

Show some Nation Love!

-the Nation-Love Team

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